At our monthly meetings, the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild invites our members to show their finished projects and tell us about them. Before the meeting begins, please sign up for Show and Tell, including your name, the title of the quilt, and the size of the quilt.  During your presentation, you may describe whatever you would like to share about the quilt.  You might include your inspiration for making the project (i.e., if it was for a class or a challenge, if it is for a special occasion or person) and/or any challenges you overcame to complete the quilt. Show and Tell is open to any item you wish to share – a quilt, a quilted jacket, dolls, purse, vest, or whatever you think might be of interest to Guild members.

Completed ribbons or charms are awarded to members who have made quilts or quilted items. The following rules apply:

  • The quilt must be substantially your own work.
  • The quilt must have been started or completed during the current membership year.
  • The quilt must be made of 3 layers and completed with a binding or other appropriate finishing.
  • The quilt must be shown in person or by a clear photograph which reflects the specified criteria.
  • Quilt completion ribbons will be given only for completed projects.